❤️ Fandom:

‘Godzilla Singular Point’ is finally releasing globally on Netflix on June 24, per @NetflixGeeked 🦖 pic.twitter.com/FsPrE4jGrF

Never enough Godzilla!! 🥰 twitter.com/getFANDOM/status/1

I am not a hundred percent sure but, I am almost positive that the last movie I watched at the cinema, was Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

I have been turned into a Pokémon Trainer. 😎

Today, Marley loves me 42. 😅🥰

This is what I live for, pegao the crunchy sticky (somewhat) burnt rice at the bottom of the sauce pan(crispy bits). My grandma, used to make me “crispy bits/rice balls” when I was a kid. 38 years later, I still make them. 😋

Girls are in bed, mamá and papá, sit outside. 😊

Rule number 1567: When you think you’re done with the dishes, look twice, actually, look trice!

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