We can finally watch Blu-ray’s and DVD’s in this house again. 👾

… Si te he fallado, te pido perdón
De la única forma que sé
Abriendo las puertas de mi corazón
Para cuando decidas volver…🎵

Al Yankovic:

Just catching up on some emails this morning. pic.twitter.com/RPwp3EMmt6 twitter.com/alyankovic/status/

Someone got new glasses today. Someone is happy to be able to see better.

🎵 Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) by The Byrds

One of those songs I feel like I have been hearing (or listening) my entire life, and yet, I couldn’t tell you the title or the artist if you’d have ever asked me. song.link/https://music.apple.

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