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(for the Switch)

- Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot


- Dark souls: Remastered

Al Yankovic:

Just catching up on some emails this morning.

@horzion i edit most of my pictures using Darkroom on iOS or Mac, they’ve got some nice filters plus some tweaking

@horzion we had no idea how bad the kids eyesight was, I’m so happy she can see better now

Someone got new glasses today. Someone is happy to be able to see better.

📍 Sully’s Pub & Grill, Star

Never in my 2 years at my current job, been out for a beer with any of my coworkers. Until, today!'s%20Pu

🎵 Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) by The Byrds

One of those songs I feel like I have been hearing (or listening) my entire life, and yet, I couldn’t tell you the title or the artist if you’d have ever asked me.

One day. One more day. I’ve got to endure, one more day…

Every Pokémon game I have ever played, I always pick whatever fire Pokémon is as a starter 🤷🏻‍♂️

been sick for far too long, today, I woke up as a hater, so beware 😅

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