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(for the Switch)

- Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot


- Dark souls: Remastered

Al Yankovic:

Just catching up on some emails this morning.

Someone got new glasses today. Someone is happy to be able to see better.

📍 Sully’s Pub & Grill, Star

Never in my 2 years at my current job, been out for a beer with any of my coworkers. Until, today!'s%20Pu

🎵 Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) by The Byrds

One of those songs I feel like I have been hearing (or listening) my entire life, and yet, I couldn’t tell you the title or the artist if you’d have ever asked me.

One day. One more day. I’ve got to endure, one more day…

Every Pokémon game I have ever played, I always pick whatever fire Pokémon is as a starter 🤷🏻‍♂️

been sick for far too long, today, I woke up as a hater, so beware 😅

We are having a cocktail party in this house. Come and join us if you’re feeling under the weather as well. Medicine shots all around, and they’re on the house. 🙈😅

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