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I know my second try at the RST test is not until December, but I feel like I should not stop studying. Maybe not with the same urgency and stress but study just the same.

If you use an "NFT" image as your profile picture that you did not necessarily pay for, do the police show up at your door? Asking for a friend

I am not sure why, but I am more inclined to buy physical copies of Nintendo Switch games than for any other console.

Say what you will, but I have to admit that Hey mail is my favorite email app/service, still.

I feel like both Nintendo and the rest of the internet, wants to shovel Xenoblade Chronicles 3 down my throat, and I don’t like that

There’s a slight chance, that at some point during this trip, I’ve lost my sunglasses 🕶.
Sad 😢

It is nice to meet people, in-person, that you normally just exchange emails with. People that don’t work in the same location as you, that is.

Gabz’s log, day (I think it’s five):
My rental car, its got Texas’s plates — I’m searching for guns.

At this point, I should start a category page only to display every airport I have and will visit 🫠

I’m sure getting my money’s worth with Carrot weather, getting topical storm updates every 30 mins from the Storm Cell. 😅

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