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I am Eli. I live in Maine where I enjoy biking, reading, cooking and growing vegetables. I am a parent, and work as a programmer. I like and and and have a blog that is sort of a mess,

squeak smalltalk's developer experience with a scheme/lisp? Racket is like 1/100th of the way there w/DrRacket. //cc @insom this feels like something you may have insight into?

Anyone ever played with a fignition? Looks to be a little computer (micro controller?) running FIG-forth

I've been working on getting back into running -- I quit when the pandemic initially hit. Can anyone recommend a mask that works well for running in that plays nice with glasses? I can't run without my glasses and all of my current masks (mostly homemade cloth dealios) don't work for running in, either falling off, or causing my glasses to fog right up. I've tried some glasses goops and sprays, and they work a bit, but not wicked well (probably because I'm running the cold). Boosts welcome.

I just saw someone asking on another platform something along the lines of "if you've learned to code, or are learning to code as a parent what was the one thing you found most difficult?" and then a list of example technical problems. I was going to weigh in with "finding time" but then I looked at the responses and that was pretty much 100% of them, so, I abstained from piling on -- it felt like a great little microcosm of people in tech assuming all problems can be solved w/more tech.

Are you familiar with C? I'm trying to extend an existing program by adding 1 function via an existing extension point -- I am totally baffled and completely stuck, though.

I am trying to extend fe ( by ways of its existing C api (

The function I'm trying to add is actually already baked into the program, just not exposed through the repl. I'd like to add the ability to load a .fe file by calling something like (load "file.fe").

While I'm on a link sharing binge, another!

> The Oaxacan vision of community, indigenous rights, and autonomy from which Telecomunicaciones Indígenas Comunitarias has emerged can be tied to a far more familiar story: that of the Zapatista indigenous rebellion.

> Strubell’s study found that one language model with a particular type of “neural architecture search” (NAS) method would have produced the equivalent of 626,155 pounds (284 metric tons) of carbon dioxide—about the lifetime output of five average American cars. A version of Google’s language model, BERT, which underpins the company’s search engine, produced 1,438 pounds of CO2 equivalent in Strubell’s estimate...

shovels, like all things have to do with babies, have obviously been designed by people with no first-hand experience of the phenomena their tool addresses

- all baby things require 3 - 10 hands to manipulate, and require a well lit room to operate
- all shovels are ideal for shoveling large quantities of coconut flakes and have never heard even the faintest whisper of this substance called "ice"

Anyone have any guidance for making a debian (or I guess arch?!)-based media center? Mostly looking for a thing that I can plug into a tv to watch local movies, maybe stream some stuff online, and an added perk would be the ability to play emulated games.

Blintz Monster and the Pancake Witch. Mortal enemies, forever locked in ceaseless breakfast-based combat.

Magellan, the Pterodactyl purveyor of Orange Juice watches from afar.

Start Trek the Next Generation 

You’d assume that Lt. Cmdr. Data used Haskell, but he actually used Forth to accomplish most daily tasks. Lore, however, only ever used a dialect of Brainfuck that compiled to JavaScript...a language long dead, preserved by the Q continuum for no real good reason other than to, one day, totally and completely fuck with Miles O’Brien.

New instance, new

I am Eli. I live in Maine where I enjoy biking, reading, cooking and growing vegetables. I am a parent, and work as a programmer. I like and and and have a blog that is sort of a mess,

A personal mastodon instance for me and people I know. I'll only approve people I know.