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I am Eli. I live in Maine where I enjoy biking, reading, cooking and growing vegetables. I am a parent, and work as a programmer. I like and and and have a blog that is sort of a mess,

I wanna see a movie about Dave Bautista's character from Blade Runner 2049

Blintz Monster and the Pancake Witch. Mortal enemies, forever locked in ceaseless breakfast-based combat.

Magellan, the Pterodactyl purveyor of Orange Juice watches from afar.

Start Trek the Next Generation 

You’d assume that Lt. Cmdr. Data used Haskell, but he actually used Forth to accomplish most daily tasks. Lore, however, only ever used a dialect of Brainfuck that compiled to JavaScript...a language long dead, preserved by the Q continuum for no real good reason other than to, one day, totally and completely fuck with Miles O’Brien.

I'm looking for guidance on the best way to sort nested lists in . I have a structure along the lines of ((:key "banana" :date "Thu, 27 Aug 2020 15:40:39 -0400")(:key "kiwi" :date "Mon, 24 Aug 2020 16:23:53 -0400")) where I want to sort by :date -- it is trivial for me to convert the date data itself to a more sortable format, but I'm not sure of the best way to dip into the nested list and then preform the sort. //cc

I've heard it said one of the hardest things in programming is naming things...whomever said that didn't have to write many bug tickets. Those subject lines are freaking impossible for me.

Cabbage and Caraway -- fav food or name of a boogie boutique?

What is an esoteric thing that you know a lot about for no reason other than being interested in it?

Interested in learning Common Lisp? The majority of tutorials I've run across throw you into emacs to get started...the hiccup there being that emacs is, whilst v powerful, a big thing that needs to be learned in and of itself. This makes Common Lisp a wee bit harder to dive in to. My recommendation is to skip emacs until you are a bit cozier with Common Lisp itself. For editor/repl integration I think Sublime Text with the lispindent and SublimeREPL packages is a solid starting place.

Where exactly is the line between popular podcast and cult?

I love that whenever I try to order glasses online the website almost always chokes when it process my prescription and then, if it can even deal with the perception, it almost invariable adds $20 - $50 more to the price. Evidently these systems don't get a whole bunch of people with double vision, lol.

I have been learning C lately. So far I have learned that I really like Go.

caps, RSS 

me: I know, I'll make my own RSS reader -- seems easy enough

I have spent a large portion of today trying to replicate a bug in an emulator that I can otherwise replicate on far, no luck

I acceidently typed <<Javert>> when I meant to type <<Jenkins>> and now I want a CI/CD tool that will hunt me down if I make even a minor infraction, only catching up to me years after I thought I'd resolved the bug.

Found another use for cloth masks today on my walk -- had a spare mask in my pocket and was able to fill it with seeds when I came across some fennel in seed.

I love that I can make netsurf my default browser on a chromebook. I feel unbeatable right now.

Not sure of the service, but the list of supported languages is a great way to find weird little !

I just made and ate an entire pb&j sandwich instead of my usual just eating the leftover crusts from my kid's soggy leftovers. It was good. Much better than the soggy crusts. Who knew!?

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