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It’s been a while, so, I figured I could do a new

Hi! I’m Eli or Oat. I live and work in Maine with my family, and some animals. I’m reluctantly a software developer for work, I like to noodle around with , and bike whenever I can. I cook, clean, and read as many books as I can inbetween it all. Sometimes I blog a little,

Immediately upon waking up my 6yo announced that he would no longer be going to school since last night, as we slept, he was crowned Wolkner the 5th king of the goblins…which I'm worried may impact my employment since I’m not supposed to fraternize with “foreign powers,” and the goblins seem mighty.

work mgmt: "would anyone like to organize a reading group of engineers."
me, waits 3 days, no one responds: "yes."
me, thinking to myself: ...they have no idea what they're in for. With great power comes great responsibility...

this is to say, send me your weirdest, wildest, computer science (adjacent) papers

gotta break some normies' brains

Periodic reminder that words can have more than 1 meaning.

...sometimes they can have more than 2 meanings!

Saying this as a once and maybe future lit studies person who has written many a paper in the guy’s work:

Is there a more pretentious author to quote than Borges?

It’s almost cold and dark enough, consistently enough, that I can make latkes without it being totally weird.

Here is the output of df -h for a bit more human readable numbers.

Either way, some info -- system is registering having negative space. Not sure what ate it all up

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Anyone ever seen behavior under where a partition simultaneously reports being mostly empty but then being over 100% capacity?

Here is the output of df -l

Also of note, when I attempt to install something using pkg_add I get the following message that includes a warning for "missing blocks."

Does anyone know of any games with the mechanics of a deck builder that can be played from the command line, either versus a computer or a real lesson?

Thinking something along the lines of like Pokémon battles where you creat a party and then throw them into encounters.

Stats management, and all that jazz.

How much of the complexity in modern computing is to justify the use of the term “engineer” across much of the industry?

It’s a weird quirk of history, perhaps, that we seem to have walked away from the professional title “programmer” in favor of “developer” or “engineer,” terms borrowed from the construction of buildings.

…or the masculine urge to build big objects.

This is blowing up — in lieu of a SoundCloud link I’ll ask that you spend half as much time on making your blog accessible as you do noodling on a sick automated deploy pipeline.

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rando blog posts be like:

Here’s the 15 step system I use to deploy my static blog using nix, ticks, flyboogle, AI-assisted tooling, and cereal crunch.


scp -r content/*.html me@host.rad:/var/www/

Go brrrrrrrrrr.

…I feel a blog post a brewin’

Roiling like an upset tummy

you can sort of do this on iOS using XCUITest, too, by querying for accessibilityLabel and accessibilityIdentifier. It isn't wicked baked, though.

More on that:

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Found an early-stage VoiceOver UI testing automation library. It really only supports macOS built in screen reader, so far, but if it gets expanded to include a few other screen readers this could be pretty useful for some folks!

For anyone who was using my weird public RSS thing, the URL changed because my VPS died. Lives here, now:

Since brain injury I've noticed that I have trouble focusing on programming tasks. I'm able to do what I need to do for work, but, when it comes time for hobby projects I'm just gloop.

Because of that I've been drawn to do more reading and game playing, but also still wanna code...I've found that it is easier to use more "batteries included" kinda languages, namely scheme, over what I'd normally gravitate towards, like Forth.

Leads to some interesting thoughts of the "accessibility" of langs

A question to ask:

- does this tool improve the life of the developer so that they can make *better* things for other people?
- does this tool improve the life of the developer so that they can write more code faster?

These are not the same things.

This is some of the best guidance I've seen with regards to the accessibility of QR codes, pros and cons.

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