I just saw someone asking on another platform something along the lines of "if you've learned to code, or are learning to code as a parent what was the one thing you found most difficult?" and then a list of example technical problems. I was going to weigh in with "finding time" but then I looked at the responses and that was pretty much 100% of them, so, I abstained from piling on -- it felt like a great little microcosm of people in tech assuming all problems can be solved w/more tech.

@eli_oat Having a good working memory that can keep a lot of stuff in mind is probably my biggest bottleneck and has always been. That’s where I struggle and need to put a lot of my effort. Or, on a meta level, motivation. I don’t want to do all the things I want to have done, because I get bored. Uh. I’m supposed to be forty

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