I've been working on getting back into running -- I quit when the pandemic initially hit. Can anyone recommend a mask that works well for running in that plays nice with glasses? I can't run without my glasses and all of my current masks (mostly homemade cloth dealios) don't work for running in, either falling off, or causing my glasses to fog right up. I've tried some glasses goops and sprays, and they work a bit, but not wicked well (probably because I'm running the cold). Boosts welcome.

@eli_oat I don't have a particular mask recommendation, but I did want to mention that I've seen people putting bandaids over their masks at the bridge of their noses to prevent air from escaping that way and fogging up their glasses.

@eli_oat Oh, ha - I should've read the other comments first! Sorry!

@eli_oat Can you try sewing a twist tie into the seam of your mask? Then you can form it around the bridge of your nose a little bit.

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