squeak smalltalk's developer experience with a scheme/lisp? Racket is like 1/100th of the way there w/DrRacket. //cc @insom this feels like something you may have insight into?

@eli_oat I'm not sure what I said to make you think of me but I agree. I've never done "serious" programming (i.e. for money, I guess?) in either but spent a few months on Smalltalk a few years ago and the power of the environment is unlike anything else in computing.

But, like with Forth, that unique environment is also the biggest downside. The tools to interact with Git, external filesystems and the network etc. are afterthoughts on the whole-image based model.

@eli_oat so I had another thought on this -- we do _kind of_ have something like Smalltalk after all.

"Inspect Element" in browser development tools -- you can click on anything on a web page and see how it's done and what code is related to it, properties, styling etc. So -- good job dev tools!

But unlike Smalltalk you're not expected to use the same tools to make permanent changes to the system so we still got stuck half way, as an industry.

@insom @eli_oat There is/was Factor, but that also has the downsides of image based systems.
It also seems to have had some thought put into its optimizing compiler part.

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