rando blog posts be like:

Here’s the 15 step system I use to deploy my static blog using nix, ticks, flyboogle, AI-assisted tooling, and cereal crunch.


scp -r content/*.html me@host.rad:/var/www/

Go brrrrrrrrrr.

This is blowing up — in lieu of a SoundCloud link I’ll ask that you spend half as much time on making your blog accessible as you do noodling on a sick automated deploy pipeline. yesterday i just edited php files in /var/www on the server directly to fix a bug in my blog

@lucidiot @eli_oat I actually just remembered that my current blogging setup is a shell script that ssh to the server and ed's a new file lol

@eli_oat You're not even using docker-compose, are you sure that's possible?

@eli_oat @vidak “I made something fragile and wasteful for doing something that was easy in 1994”

@eli_oat 199%

the only change i'd make is using rsync, so you're only uploading updated files instead of all files.

@eli_oat Yeah, it's really supposed to be simple.

PS: Use rsync -av --delete-after ...

@eli_oat every other site submission to the webring is a blog with a single blog post, about the insane setting needed to get the thing up and running.

Everything, I'm like "yeah, this will never be updated again"

@neauoire @eli_oat blog posts about writing blog posts seem to be the first (and often last) thing people write on their blogs 🤷

@tinyrabbit @neauoire @eli_oat nothing better than the self indulgent navel gazing of writing a blog post about your blog engine

@eli_oat I can't stand to manually update header/footers, and hated my original sed-based site generator, so Apache SSI and then PHP and now giant pile o' crap Wordpress.

Laziness is relative.

@eli_oat That way you'll never get hired as a sysad... I mean devop... no, wait, SRE.

@eli_oat One of my hypotheses is that a lot of programmers aren't exposed to enough of the fundamental tools (unix programs, html, looking at network packets).

Ultimately what we're doing (`scp -r . myserver`) is combining some tools together to make a thing work. That's the same thing that folx do when they deploy their blog you described in your toot, except they are -- and I'm guessing here -- reasoning in terms of much higher-level tools or even frameworks, because they perhaps don't know those simpler ones well enough / at all.

Another hypothesis: there's incentive to learning "the latest tools" re: trying to get hired for work. Which isn't crazy (unfortunately): knowing the latest / hottest web frameworks is probably more likely to net you a job than a solid unix background.

@eli_oat I still remember this time I was teaching at a NodeSchool event, and I asked a student why they were adding google analytics to their code, and they paused.. and admitted they didn't know why. It was what everyone else was doing.

I think about that a lot.

@eli_oat the sad reality is: The amount of hours I spend on my now non existing blog/site exceeds the time I spend writing articles. I didn't wrote a single article (worth reading).

I need tools which give me the confidence to blurt out my insignificant thoughts. Which doesn't discourage me by giving the impression I have to write perfect articles.

Therfore I prefer to microblog with Akkoma.
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