work mgmt: "would anyone like to organize a reading group of engineers."
me, waits 3 days, no one responds: "yes."
me, thinking to myself: ...they have no idea what they're in for. With great power comes great responsibility...

this is to say, send me your weirdest, wildest, computer science (adjacent) papers

gotta break some normies' brains

@brennen @eli_oat On top of @aphyr's Interviews series, I'd highly recommend too from @cadey.

Not nearly at that level, and more weird than technical, I'm rather fond of this story of mine:

@eli_oat you should do a group reading of the last chapter in To Mock A Mocking Bird.

@eli_oat if I may digress, organizing a reading group at work is a TERRIFIC way to get your coworkers' personal email addresses ("some of the stuff I send might technically be copyrighted —we don't want to make IT mad! 😉"), which is like the second step toward organizing a union drive at a workplace.

@eli_oat I mean I keep hitting a wall at step 3 or 4 when my most disgruntled coworkers who are solid 4s and 5s on the pro-union scale all just leave. But I've taken this digression far enough.

@eli_oat Ken Thompson’s Reflections on Trusting Trust. Not I sure at all, but weird for what it does to your brain.

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