I've got the opportunity to inherit a GPD Micro PC and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with what it is like to run linux on it?

I'd run Debian or Alpine most likely, and don't plan to do anything but use it for email, light web browsing, IRC, and to write forth/scheme/c on.

My previous personal laptop was a Chromebook that I ran linux on. I loved it until the hardware crapped out on me after 18 months. I like to keep hardware as long as possible. Will this be better? Should I pass?

@devinprater SCORM is a standard data model used by a lot of LMSs, if you don't need stuff like progress tracking, and progress syncing, I bet you could set up a system where the course data is maintained in a static SCORM compliant XML file, and then a SCORM viewer (typically a static JS web app) is pointed at the XML file.

I'd be happy to talk more about this if it'd be helpful.

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Yo! I'm collecting as many links for stuff like ziglings and ruby koans as I can find!



If you know of any for any language can ya send them my way?

Boosts appreciated!

Iceberger. Draw an iceberg and see how it will float.


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Carmen Sandiego stands at the edge of the building, the sun setting behind her shoulders. The wind gently picking through her hair.

Across the roof, standing in silhouette, lit only by the setting sun at his face and the neon billboard behind, Tuxedo Mask shouts: “it seems we’re at a stalemate.”

Carmen laughs. She knows where Waldo is.

For anyone interested in noodling with ! I've isolated the excellent forth environment of Easy Forth for a bit more breathing room:

- txt.eli.li/pb/forth/

And easy forth:

- skilldrick.github.io/easyforth

Blintz Monster and the Pancake Witch. Mortal enemies, forever locked in ceaseless breakfast-based combat.

Magellan, the Pterodactyl purveyor of Orange Juice watches from afar.

Start Trek the Next Generation 

You’d assume that Lt. Cmdr. Data used Haskell, but he actually used Forth to accomplish most daily tasks. Lore, however, only ever used a dialect of Brainfuck that compiled to JavaScript...a language long dead, preserved by the Q continuum for no real good reason other than to, one day, totally and completely fuck with Miles O’Brien.

New instance, new

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