Stressful days lately

yearning for easier days

no rest for gabyses


Added a Christmas Tree to my menu navigation bar. 😉

I’m famished, but I don’t want to prepare supper. Eating it’s a hassle lol


not sure anyone has heard but, I resigned from Twitter


Es la hora es la hora

es la hora de jugar

brinca brinca

palma a palma

y danzando sin parar

Un pasito para el frente

y un pasito para atras

jugaremos todos juntos

ser feliz no esta de mal

y lari lari lari e, oh, oh, oh,

y lari lari e, oh, oh, oh,


We can finally watch Blu-ray’s and DVD’s in this house again. 👾

Father and daughter date at the local urgent care.

I’m adding changing diapers like I am part of a NASCAR pit crew since 2016 to my bio.

… Si te he fallado, te pido perdón
De la única forma que sé
Abriendo las puertas de mi corazón
Para cuando decidas volver…🎵

Nothing like a turkey-day event where the entire family of coughing at unison. 😅

Happy Turkey-Day y’all

Eat and drink responsibility. That means don’t spill your drink or food.

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