you got mail

IT Support:

Hello Gaby,

We have received a report of malware on your computer. When will you be available for me to remove this for you?


Sure! I am available now.

IT Support: deletes TickTick.exe file

Me: alright, I guess that is a sign. 😅

Had to change my End-of-Year evaluation from, “End of Year 2020 Gaby.docx” to “End of Year 2020 Gaby, COVID edition.docx”. Half of 2020’s goals and plans have been put on hold due to Covid-19 of course. Meetings, work shops, conferences, etc.

A lot of people are either self isolating or been sent to isolate from work these past two weeks. Things are getting a little scary again, well, things always been scary but I guess a little more so.

Why the iPhone 12 Mini Reminds Me of the Tech from Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’

Most likely the best review I’ve seen.🙂
It actually speaks to speaks to me, in a way.

Just saw a pickup truck with a huge custom tale-gate sticker that read, “KILLYOURLOCALPEDOPHILE”

Welcome to Idaho

I dislike when I run out of my favorite fizzy water and then I have no other choice but to try Annie’s and then I end up living it. 😅

I need to stop this thing of cutting by fingers every time I cook. 😒

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