I’m into this thing of buying physical copies of indie games I’ve purchased digitally.

If my work computer goes blue screen with a sad face, that’s a sign right? I mean, a sad face? I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.

It’s nice to change office spaces every once in a while

Got my annual physical today, well, it wasn’t quite annual since I have been postponing it since late March when it was supposed to actually be. Either way, all is good, I guess I’ll get to live. Probably need to up my cardio a bit. tamo' como coco papeeh'

Love that Luna (3yo) burps out loud and blamed the guy on the table behind 😅

Marley has a bday party to go today, it is at noon. She’s been asking if it’s time to go since 6:30am 😩

When you receive 38 certificates with data to be processed past 2pm, it can wait until Monday, I think… 😅

I've said once and I'll say it again, playing and switching blogging platforms shouldn't be this easy, and fun.

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In recent days, I have lost the sense and purpose of why I "blog"...
It's like, 
Me: "uh, I have an idea!"
Also Me: "eh, why? who cares?"
I know, create for yourself first... gabz.blog/2022/04/18/create-fo

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