Realizing the Parmesan cheese is gone.

Annie: girls, papa ate all the cheese

Me: no I didn’t

Me: Marley and Luna did

Marley: no I didn’t, it was the monster, you have a monster in your closet.

Well, that checks out 😅


John Wick franchise writer Derek Kolstad teams up with Amazon for a live-action ‘Hellsing’ movie 🧛 (via @DEADLINE |

Yes please!

❤️ Studio Ghibli:

“Better a pig than a fascist.” 🐷 PORCO ROSSO (1992) dir. Hayao Miyazaki 🍿

Had to dig around How to customise Micro.Blog a bit to find @andynicolaides post on how to add Dark Mode to Arabica.

Now I have Dark Mode. 🖤

Today we asked the girls. Burgers, ribs or steaks 🥩. They demanded steak.

I love it when my local groceries store makes it easier to decide on beer by put it them on sale.

My name is Luis Gabriel Santiago Alvarado
Names and/or nicknames I’ve been called over the years, at least to my face;



Annie and I did an irresponsible, yet necessary thing , in a safe way of course 😋

Sleep like a baby it’s so far fetched 😒

Hello @help , I have seen a few times when being mentioned, of course I don’t get the notification but i happen to see it. Wonder if is a thing or @gluon thing // @vincent , @manton

These! 😻 But for grown ups! I’m
Sure @maique would agree with me.

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