I have no idea why, but I find it infuriating when people can't capitalise things correctly. Like MarkDown instead of Markdown and similar. It’s even worse when it is a app name or something that is easy to see the proper spelling.

No matter how good I get at cooking people keep asking for grilled cheese

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Pro tip: install the Slack EMM app if you'd like to have swork slacks in one place and non work slacks in a different

Been having a lot of fun getting into making macOS apps using SwiftUI lately.
Think I'm going to finally properly learn Swift.
A lot of stuff is better like Swift packages versus Cocoapods etc and SwiftUI versus those horrible UI builder apps.
But. How is xcode so much slower than AppCo... blog.hjertnes.website/2021/05/

Star Trek Voyager watching guide

Watch the first episode
Skip to season 4

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For all its faults, Xcode feels like the only IDE that actually is designed

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