Hmm. Emoji with masks… Will there be a mask for the eggplant?

Why do people keep saying they mastodon features “ethical design”?

The joy of having a Keyboard Maestro macro to start all the apps I want to have open when I work

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Why the fuck can’t movies and TV shows be mixed with a similar volume levels?

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Legendary Apollo project programmer Margaret Hamilton, next to a printout of weirdo tech bro replies to her posts

Been really annoyed at my Apple Watch lately, and I think I’m going to buy myself a inexpensive mechanical watch when I have list 25KG

Gave up on WandaVision. We tried to watch it three times? I might get back to it at some later point.
I have no problem with watching at least a handfull of shows I don’t like that much, before I give up on it. But my better half usually isn’t into that; So we gave up after 1.5 episode....

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There should be a tax on sending e-mail to avoid people using it as a fucking feed.

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