@hjertnes Sounds like something Satoshi would say. 🕵️‍♂️

@hjertnes Looks good! Hope it does taste good as well!
As an Italian I'd never eat pineapple on a pizza, but to each its own I guess...

@rastinza I don’t never try to make something close to proper Italian pizza. 🤷‍♂️

@rastinza at the same time I don’t understand why some are so violently against some toppings 🤷‍♂️

@hjertnes I guess we are quite traditionalists in Italy, certain flavours are never mixed when we cook.
Sweet and savory is an extremely rare combination in Italian cousine, and that is why I would never eat that.
We do make a whole bunch of recipes who are not traditional at all, but we have a few rules we always stick to.

That said mine was no critic, I am happy you prepared pizza and it actually looks very good!

@hjertnes I guess some Italians may get angry at something like this.
This is because pizza is a traditionally Italian dish, they would expect people to make it in the traditional way.
While if you make a bad pizza they would just be disappointed and avoid eating it, if you place something that shouldn't go on pizza that could be seen as a direct insult to our culture.
It would be like taking something perfect, ruining it and then saying that Italians do that...

@rastinza I think of pizza as multiple different things at this point. Where Traditional Italian pizza is one of them.

When I make Italian food I try to keep them traditional, but I guess my pizza is closer to New York style.

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