@cheribaker Holy cow but that all sounds complicated to just post online.

Is this what you went through for Hypertext.monster?

@AlexW Hypertext Monster was waaay easier. Micro blog did most of the work. I just pasted some CSS in the CSS box to change the color.


@cheribaker @AlexW a certain author of that theme should make a unicorn barf version of it

@hjertnes @AlexW My favorite "unicorn barf" style theme is micro.alexezell.com/ I love it, but it makes my eyes bleed.

@cheribaker @hjertnes OMG! There go my retinas! I'll never see again ... 😜

@hjertnes @cheribaker But just enough, and bright enough to leave echos ghosting on the back on my eyeballs!

@hjertnes @cheribaker Oh, now this I like. Clean, simple, fun, and just way cool.

Here's to rainbows.

@cheribaker @AlexW kind of me just doing the kind of stuff I’m not allowed to at work 😅

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