Whoever designs these locking mechanisms to secure your kid in a stroller or car seat: have any of you ever tried to use them on a live child?!

@AlexW yup. It’s pissing me off. My compact stroller has a locking mechanism where five different parts need to fit together at the same time

@hjertnes Huh? Why complicate simplicity? Gawd help us.

@AlexW I get that there are safety and other concerns but I just wish they’d make it so that you could do one at a time and not press two pairs into the last thingy

@hjertnes I just feel like you that they've overly complicated stuff in the name of safety these days, when we got by quite ok for decades with simple systems.

@AlexW I strongly disagree. It’s just to look at traffic deaths statistics to se that it have had a huge positive impact

@hjertnes Oh, no, you misunderstand. I love that safety is paramount and that we've come a long way. But there are ways to make things work without complicating the process.

Our seatbelts in cars are straight forward. We're not harnessed in like we're flying in a fighter jet is what I meant.

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