@hjertnes I love my Hobinichi too and the paper quality? Outstanding. But they ain't cheap.

@AlexWolfe I got it because of the page layouts, would have preferred something like lt1917 paper. This 6 month notebook was $30. I spent more money on diapers last Saturday 😂

@hjertnes I've tried the 1917 but don't like them. I prefer the Hobinichi as it's more flexible and just the right size for me and my small writing.

@AlexWolfe i meant the paper quality not the layout (: my writing is getting smaller as i get into these ridiculously fine nibbed pens

@hjertnes I find I naturally write small as the economy gives me more room to ramble on, but also, in being more neat. And yes, I prefer a very fine nib too.

@AlexWolfe I used to prefer wet broads, but I’m moving to finer nibs because it’s easier write neater with them.

@hjertnes I also love the Zebra F-301 0.7mm ballpoint pen and Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens.

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