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Lewd bad probably blasphemous terrible bad 

A "burning bush" is what you call VERY extreme candleplay

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#fkfd comic teaser bc i don't have my laptop here chez mes grandmère et grandpère
#oc #comic made with #paper

@chidgey I just use the app that uploads everything I put in a folder on my MacBook

@ttscoff people get pissed irregardless of the outcome

@jackbaty it’s one of those ux anti-patterns I hate. Like infinite scroll and those giant cookie warnings

@hisaac I have also experienced fast speedtests but general slowness caused by the network itself being slow.

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Sadly all this data is for Chrome, though – it would be interesting to see the results for another engine, e.g. Firefox.

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@chidgey Hahaha. It's like when they assign me on code review, everyone knows it will take a while to get it through 😂

@m455 I don't get the whole performance thing. Do you use old hardware? Or are you doing something nuts? Of the DM's I prefer GNOME these days. KDE I have never liked. Probably because I have never liked Windows

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