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@annika that’s more of a batteries are complicated issue

@gingerrroot good point. I’m not very familiar with all the details. Mostly because I only accept people on my instance I know I don’t have to moderate

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@gingerrroot I kind of wonder why it’s even possible to report an instance admin 😅

@matt your employer shouldn’t roll their own solution for this and instead outsource it to someone who knows what they’re doing 🙊

@annika I’ll be wasting the rest of my week on the “Death by cause” category

@cheribaker @pete wine always helps if coffee isn’t working 😅

@jackbaty @ttscoff 🤨 I’m 34 and kind of use both at the same time 😅🤭

CDN idea 

@annika public CDN’s is a terrible idea in general, but can make it easier for beginners to play around with some stuff in certain situations. Private CDN’s are great for performance

@AlexW I strongly disagree. It’s just to look at traffic deaths statistics to se that it have had a huge positive impact

@AlexW I get that there are safety and other concerns but I just wish they’d make it so that you could do one at a time and not press two pairs into the last thingy

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