Class action lawsuits is a scam to make lawyers money.

@CorvusRobotica got two shirts and a card from her when I left Sbanken

@Gabz it is a vegetable and also almost a drink 😂

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In software development, you often have a choice between taking complexity onto yourself (more work for you, less for others), or shrugging and rolling it downhill (less work for you, lots of work multiplied for everyone else). Too often I think the incentives are aligned more with the latter than the former, e.g. in unpaid OSS.

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@nolan and sometimes every Friday if it’s raining

@nolan there are probably a few ways you can make fun of the British in the ui texts


I use both, lines for writing and dots for notes

@matt I only use that for instance admin stuff, after I found Pinafore.

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