Having a poop watch face is my favourite feature of the new watchOS

@ttscoff I'm so happy you're back to podcasting 🤩

@matt or to the point where my jaw really hurts

@nolan I really like both, but I think I would have preferred Svelte at work

@nolan I have tried to do stuff like that for years, I caved and bought a 4 drive USB cabinet earlier this year and that setup works way better for me.

@paul That makes a lot of sense. Probably a lot more repetition in the sql file than in the binary sqlite format

@matt asldkjasdflkasljkdjaslkhjlkasd aldalkdsjkl ldajkakljds

@Gabz I can't deal with it anymore, I just read some blog posts after

@Gabz lol I haven't watched that crap in years 😂

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