@m455 why are you taking a dump on karen's doormat?

@m455 smart home could take shit posting to a new level

@hisaac in my experience it would not be the most productive. Constraints are very useful

@acdw *waiting for the crypto morons to annoy me to death*

@acdw isn't the entire nft / crypto market idiots buying or people trying to swindle idiots?

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@fribbledom it's amazing how they broke over 24 hours and then they've continued to make it worse beyond anyones imagination

I use this awesome web app forget.codl.fr/about/ to limit how much history I keep on Twitter and Mastodon. I have set mine to delete everything not starred and older than 30 days as long as it isn't among the 25 last posts.
I also do something similar with my blog now and then. ... blog.hjertnes.website/2021/06/

@m455 discord is kind of like slack just newer and less work and more community focused.

I think they have improved on a lot of the less good sides of slack. And I really like how their audio rooms work.

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