@m455 What pill is it when you have an account you just do the minimum resume updates on it to make it a good way to advance your career?

Just installed the iOS 15 beta on my iPad. The new multitasking UI makes a lot more sense.

The link sharing automation support I added to my CMS this summer have now shared over 1010 links or shared 10 links a day for 101 days.

I’m testing out one of the gigantic curved moster screens at work today. And honestly I’d rather have my 27 inch 4K screen. Here is why: the resolution of my 27 inc is 3840 x 2160 while the resolution of this 37.5 inch thing is 3840 x 1600. In other words less pixels in 10.5 more inches.

@m455 I don’t think writing web site generators are any fun 🙈

There is a lot I love about the big iPad Pro. Reading comics must be very high on that list

@m455 An important detail of how I deal with Facebook is that I just say “I’m not on Facebook” without making it anything other than I don’t have an account.

@m455 Not sure if the interests are that different. But I guess our priorities and boundaries are.

My perspective on this is that the only way to hurt Facebook is to stay off Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

And my hope is that if I’m not on there at least a few group chats a year are done somewhere else because of me. There are always at least a few people a year that tell me they deleted their account because of my “I’m not on Facebook stance”.

@m455 I guess the difference between us in this is that for me this is a line I’m not willing to cross no matter the outcome

@m455 I just tell people I’m not on Facebook and I have never had people trying to make me to get an account

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