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I have a history of liking the wrong stuff.
I think the prequels to Star Wars are better than the 70s/80s movies, and I think Star Trek Enterprise is better than Voyager and TNG.
I've recently gotten into Dune. And I think the terrible prequel books are more fun than the O.G Dune. And I...

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All browser vendors: can I please get a setting to just accept any funky SSL certificate for anything on localhost? I do web development. I know it doesn’t look cool, but I know what I’m doing

Sometimes I find it strange what kind of tasks are easier to do on a Mac. I've had it on my todo list for weeks to clean up my iCloud drive. A real pain in the ass to do on the iPad, and it took me 5 minutes to deal with on a Mac with ForkLift.

When you as a 33 year old grownup spends 30 minutes giggling at poop jokes on TikTok

I have my car back, after I let my ex borrow it until she could sort out her own when I moved out. Not sure how I feel about it. Will make it easier when I visit my daughter. Otherwise it will just be parked most of the time.

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